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Kentucky 4-H Trends 

Clover Photography

1010 Junior Clover Photography

1011 Senior Clover Photography


Upcycling Project

1050 Junior Upcycling Project

1051 Senior Upcycling Project


Cake Decorating

1060 Junior 4-H Cake Decorating (cake must use 4-H clover)

1061 Senior 4-H Cake Decorating (cake must use 4-H clover)

1062 Junior Cake Decorating

1063 Senior Cake Decorating

1070 Junior 4-H Cup Cake Decorating  

1071 Senior 4-H Cup Cake Decorating  

1072 Junior General 4-H Cup Cake Decorating

1073 Senior General Cup Cake Decorating 


Non-Traditional Needlework

Loom knitting

1074 Junior loom knitting

1075 Senior loom knitting


Arm knitting

1076 Junior arm knitting

1077 Senior arm knitting

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