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Little Miss & Mister

Thursday June 20th, 2024

Registration:  6:00pm - 6:30pm

Pageant Begins:  7:00pm 


  1. Contestants will be entered and judged as a couple (girl & boy). 

  2. Each contestant will be required to show BIRTH CERTIFICATE at registration - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Contestants will appear in blue denim shorts, shirt of choice, & shoes of choice.

  4. All contestants must be a resident of Lincoln County. (Parents may be asked to show proof)

  5. Contestants must be 5 years of age and not 8 years by June 30, 2024 (born between 6/30/16 and 7/1/2019) 

  6. Contestants must be accompanied by an adult to the location of the contest. 

  7. Each couple will be interviewed on stage from the biography page turned in at registration. 

  8. NO DRESSING ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE. Couples will need to come dressed and ready for the stage. 

  9. Entry fee per couple is $30.00 and must be paid at registration. 

  10. The winning couple will be expected to enter the State Fair Contest held in Louisville on August 15, 2024.

  11. Each winner will receive a crown, sash, & $20.00 cash award. 

  12. Pageant fees for State Fair Contest have been paid for by the Lincoln County Fair Board. All other expenses will be covered by each winner. 


For More Information:
Director: Caty Curlis 859-536-4803

Chairman: Dana Moore 859-539-2502

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