Mrs. Lincoln County Fair 

Monday, June 29th at 6:00 p.m. 


1. Please be at Lincoln County fairgrounds 30 minutes before pageant is scheduled to start. 

2. Pageant is open to all counties. 

3. An entry fee of $40 per contestant will be charged for registration. 

4. Contestant must be presently married and 22 years of age and up. 

5. Contestant will be judged in age appropriate evening wear only. 

6. Applications can be filled out at registration. 

7. All contestants must pay to enter the fairgrounds. 

8. Most Photogenic Award will be given. The entry fee for that will additional $5.00. 

9. Winner will receive crown, sash, and flowers, runner up will receive plaque and flowers, 

10. If you have won the title of any MRS. in any other Pageant in 2018 you will not be 

eligible to compete in MRS. LINCOLN County Fair this year. 

For More Information Contact: 

Holly Poynter 859-582-6513 


Theresa Long 859-583-8377 

Lincoln County Fair 

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