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Mrs. & Ms. Lincoln County Fair

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

***Following our Miss Pre-Teen***



  1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE, registration form, & entry fee of $50.00 will need to be brought to registration. 

  2. Pageant is open to all counties.

  3. Contestant must be 22 years of age on October 31, of the year when local pageant is held at the local fair.

  4. Contestants will be given an onstage question & judged in evening gown. Our stage is decorated red, white, and blue!!!

  5. The contestant must be a natural born female, single, married, divorced, or widowed and can have children.

  6. Clothing for the pageant will be MODEST, meaning no cut outs in the attire, very MODEST cleavage showing in all attire (no low cut in tops that go to belly button), no slits will be allowed higher than mid-thigh, no see-through attire. 

  7. ONE winner will receive a crown, sash, pin, cash award, and flowers.  

  8. The winner will receive one night paid at the Galt House in January 2025 when competing at the state MRS/MS pageant.  

  9. If you have won the title of any MRS or MS in any other county fair pageant in 2024 you will not be eligible to compete in the LINCOLN County Fair this year. 


For More Information: 

Caty Curlis | 859-536-4803

Theresa Long | 859-583-8377

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