Chairperson- Nell Manning 

Committee- Rosa Bertram and Betty McReaken 

Awards in each class are:  1st: $4      2nd: $3      3rd: $2 


  1. Foliage is permitted in all arrangements. Container of your choice unless specified in class 

  2. Exhibitors are limited to one entry per class and the exhibit must be arranged by the exhibitor. Materials for arrangements may be obtained from any source. Arrangements must be made from live materials. 

Artistic Open Division 

Class FA1 Gladiolus arrangement not to exceed 7” spike 

Class FA2 Arrangement for a mantel 

Class FA3 Arrangement of miniature flowers not to exceed 3” overall height including container 

Class FA4 Arrangement of small flowers not to exceed 6” overall height including container 

Class FA5 Arrangement of roses 

Class FA6 Arrangement for luncheon table 

Class FA7 Arrangement for breakfast table 

Class FA8 Arrangement of roadside flowers 

Class FA9 Arrangement for formal meal 

Class FA10 Arrangement of marigolds 

Class FA11 Best original arrangement of real flowers 

Class FA12 Arrangement of herbs 

Class FA13 Foliage arrangement 

Class FA14 Needled evergreen arrangement 

Class FA15 Patriotic arrangement 

Class FA16 Gladilus arrangement not to exceed 7 spikes 

Class FA17 Ornamental Grass arrangement 

Class FA 18 Arrangement of wildflowers 

Class FA19 Dried arrangement 

Class FA20 Misc. arrangement 




a .Exhibitors are limited to one entry per class and the exhibit must have been grown by the exhibitor. 

b. Bring exhibit in small, clear disposable soft drink bottle to insure uniformity of show. 

c. A specimen is a single stalk of a flower with natural foliage attached. Foliage should not be in the water. 

d. Awards in each class are: 1st $3; 2nd $2; 3rd $1 



Class FS1 Gladioli, shades of peach 

Class FS2 Gladioli, shades of red 

Class FS3 Gladioli, shades of pink 

Class FS4 Gladioli, shades of yellow or orange 

Class FS5 Gladioli, Shades of blue or green 

Class FS6 Gladioli, white 

Class FS7 Gladioli, purple 

Class FS8 Any other gladioli (no other class) 

Class FS9 Spike with largest number of buds or flowers 

Class FS10 Petunia, single 

Class FS11 Petunia, double 

Class FS12 Zinnia, large over 1.5” 

Class FS13 Zinnia, small under 1.5” 

Class FS14 Dahlia, large over 4” 

Class FS15 Dahlia, small under 4” 

Class FS16 Gloriosa (Daisy) 

Class FS17 Cascading Petunias 

Class FS18 Any other perennial, not listed 

Class FS19 Red tea rose 

Class FS20 Yellow tea rose 

Class FS21 Bi-color tea rose 

Class FS22 Peach tea rose 

Class FS23 Pink tea rose 

Class FS24 White tea rose 

Class FS25 Any other tea rose, not listed 

Class FS26 Miniature Rose, 1 bloom, any color 

Class FS27 Floribunda rose bloom 

Class FS28 Climbing Rose Bloom 

Class FS29 Day Lily yellow tones 

Class FS30 Day Lily, red tones 

Class FS31 Day Lily, pink tones 

Class FS32 Day lily, peach 

Class FS33 Day Lily, bi-color 

Class FS34 Any other day lily 

Class FS35 Marigold, over 1.5” 

Class FS36 Marigold, under 1.5” 

Class FS37 Any other annual, not listed60 

Class FS38 Chrysanthemum 

Class FS39 Rose of Sharon 

Class FS40 Asiatic Lily, red 

Class FS41 Asiatic Lily, yellow 

Class FS42. Asiatic Lily, pink 

Class FS43. Asiatic Lily, any other 

Class FS44 Cala Lily, red 

Class FS45 Cala Lily, yellow 

Class FS46 Cala Lily, orange 

Class FS47 Cala Lily, peach 

Class FS48 Cala Lily, white 

Class FS49 Cala Lily, pink 

Class FS50 Cala Lily, unusual color 

Class FS51 Cannas, red 

Class FS52 Cannas, yellow 

Class FS53 Cannas, orange 

Class FS54 Cannas, any other 

Class FS55 Any wildflower 

Class FS56 Tiger Lily 

Class FS57 Sunflower 

Class FS58 Hollyhock 

Class FS59 Sunflower, largest head 

Class FS60 Ornamental Grass 

Class FS61 Any herb 

Class FS62 Hydrangea 



Class PP1 Potted African Violet 

Class PP2 Foliage plant (any other) 

Class PP3 Blooming plant 

Class PP4 Hanging basket (foliage only) 

Class PP5 Hanging basket (blooming) 

Class PP6 Cascading Hanging Petunia basket 

Class PP7 Geraniums in bloom 

Class PP8 Dish garden, tropical 

Class PP9 Dish garden, desert 


COLLECTIONS: 3 Blooms, different varieties 

Class CO1 Zinnias 

Class CO2 Gladiolus 

Class CO3 Marigolds 

Class CO4 Roses 

Class CO5 Any three different annuals 

Class CO6 Any three different perennials 

Lincoln County Fair 

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