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4-H Home Environment Division

Home Furnishings

Unit I Exhibits from Exploring Your Home Project Book

887 Color Collage

888 Texture Collage or Rubbing

889 Transparent finish (grain shows) applied to small wood object

890 Simple cloth item for home (sewing machine may be used but is not required)

891 Wastebasket

892 Crate Bookshelf (designed and created by member)

893 Bulletin board (if it is to be hung on a wall, it must be ready to hand with appropriate hardware attached).


Unit II Exhibits from Living with Others project book

894 Decorative item for the home & photo of how it is used

895 Simple wood item refinished

896 Cloth item for the home created with sewing machine

897 Invitation and thank you letter/note


Unit III Exhibits from Where I Live Project Book

898 Accessory for the home created by the 4-H member (documentation REQUIRED)

899 Individual place (table) setting - made up of two parts: 1) one individual place setting appropriate to a theme and 2) a color photo showing how it should be arranged. Include plate, beverage container(s), placemat, and napkin.  Additional decorative item(s) are optional. 

900 Piece of furniture refinished by the 4-H member (documentation REQUIRED)

901 Old or discarded item made useful in a new way as home accessory (documentation REQUIRED)


Unit IV Exhibits from In My Home Project Book

902 An accessory for the home, made with member’s original or adapted design (documentation REQUIRED)

903 Heritage item refinished, restored, or made by the 4-H member (documentation REQUIRED)

904 Purchased article selected by 4-H member to solve a home decorating problem (documentation REQUIRED)

905 A cloth article made by the 4-H member showing a major home improvement (documentation REQUIRED)


Self-Directed Advanced Project

906 Furniture Experience: furniture which has been refinished, reupholstered, recovered, recycled, reused or remodeled (documentation REQUIRED)

907 Design Experience (documentation REQUIRED)

908 Heritage Experience (documentation REQUIRED)

909 Major Home Improvement (documentation REQUIRED)

Changing Spaces

910B Design Style Board: Minimum size 8.5 x 11 inches. Max size 11 x 17 inches on mat or foam board. 

911A Bedroom Room Floor Plan:

two parts: 1) a mounted room plan and 2) folder of the documentation described below. Minimum size 8.5 x 11 inches. Max size 11 x 17 inches on matt or foam board. Documentation: 1. What are its dimensions? 2. How many square feet are in the room? 3. Tell about how you worked with the items in your room such as walls, windows, doors & furniture.

911B House Floor Plan: two parts: 1) mounted house plan and 2) folder of the documentation. Minimum size 8.5 x 11 inches. Max size 11 x 17 inches on mat or foam board. Documentation answers: 1. Did you look at other floor plans for inspiration? 2. What type of roof does your house have? 3. Did you consider how a family member who is disabled (for instance, a wheelchair user) might get around in your home?

912A Presentation Board – Color Scheme for One Room: two parts: 1) a presentation board as described below and 2) a folder of the documentation. The mounting board should be 15” or 16” X 20” inches. In the folder, describe the person who lives in the room and the decisions in selecting color scheme.

913 Universal Design: two parts: 1) a presentation board and 2) documentation. Highlight the areas that you have changed in the second floorplan. Board should be 15” or 16” X 20.” In the folder list the changes that you have made to the floorplan to make it accessible to all.

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