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Home Economics-Open Division 

Chairperson: Marti Dickerson

Committee members: Esther Bailey, Lyndsey Mason, Brenda Ellis and Bobby Ellis 


Awards in classes are as follows: 

1st-$3      2nd-$2      3rd-$1



Class HF1   Refinished wooden article

Class HF2   Painted or antiqued item

Class HF3   Wooden or tin item stenciled

Class HF4    Wooden or tin item painted

Class HF5   Wall Hanging (any material or type)

Class HF6  Shaker TapeWeaving Chair/Stool/Seat

Class HF7  Folk Art item

Class HF8   Shaker basket

Class HF9  Any pottery item

Class HF10  Decorated Baskets

Class HF11  Small Woodworking Item

Class HF12  Utensil Basket

Class HF13 Decoupaged Items

Class HF14  Plastic Canvas Items

Class HF15  Woven Reed Baskets

Class HF16 Stenciled item

Class HF17 Theme table setting designed  by exhibitor, maximum 24". Items may be purchased

Class HF18  Wooden Patriotic Item

Class HF 19 Patriotic item, not wooden

Class HF20 Tuffet

Class HF21 Any other home furnishing, not listed



Class NE1 Crocheted Afghan-Traditional Granny Square

Class NE2 Crocheted Afghan-Ripple

Class NE3 Crocheted Afghan-Baby

Class NE4 Crocheted Afghan-Mile-A-Minute

Class NE5 Shell Afghan

Class NE6 Brick Fashion Afghan

Class NE7 Crocheted Basket-fabric or yarn

Class NE8 Crocheted Afghan, any other pattern not listed

Class NE10 Counted Cross Stitch-picture (Framed) 14 count

Class NE11 Counted Cross Stitch-picture (Framed) 18 count

Class NE12 Counted Cross Stitch-picture (Framed) any other count

Class NE13 Baby’s crocheted item

Class NE14 Small crocheted item

Class NE15 Crocheted toys

Class NE16 Crocheted bedspread

Class NE17 Crocheted tablecloth  

Class NE 18 Crocheted accessory

Class NE19 Knitted accessory

Class NE20 Quilt-pieced and appliqué

ClassNE21 Hand pieced quilts-machine quilting

Class NE22 Foundation paper, pieced item

Class NE23 Quilt-patchwork, hand quilted

Class NE24 Quilt-appliqued, machine quilted

Class NE25 Quilt, art

Class NE26 Quilt pieced, hand quilted

Class NE27 Quilt Top

Class NE28Quilt, cross-stitched, hand quilted

Class NE29 Quilt, mixed technique

Class NE30 Baby quilt, hand quilted

Class NE31 Baby quilt, machine quilted

Class NE32Any other quilt or coverlet, hand quilted

Class NE33 Quilted table topper/runner

Class NE34 Small quilted item up to 16”

Class NE35 Any other quilt or coverlet- machine quilted

Class NE36 Tacked Quilts

Class NE37 Crewel Embroidery-any type

Class NE38 Pillow cases-hand needlework

Class NE39Pillow cases-machine needlework

Class NE40 Creative Needlecraft-any media

Class NE41 Needlepoint item-any stitch

Class NE42 Counted Cross Stitch item, no other class

Class NE43 Any other crocheted item, not listed

Class NE44 Mountain lace (gingham fabric pillow)

Class NE45 Any other type pillow, no other class

Class NE46 Wall Hangings-hand quilted

Class NE47 Wall Hangings-machine quilted

Class NE48 Counted Cross Stitch sampler, framed

Class NE49 Monogrammed Item

Class NE50 Any other coverlet

Class NE51 Patriotic Quilt or Wall Hanging

Class NE52 Candlewicking Item

Class NE53 Swedish Weaving, any item

Class NE54 Knitted Baby’s Item

Class NE55 Small knitted item

Class NE56 Knitted clothing item

Class NE57Any other knitted item

Class NE58 Crocheted clothing item

Class NE59 Any other needlecraft, not listed

Class NE60 Chicken Scratch, any item

Class NE61 Punch Needle, any item

Class NE62 Clothing’ machine embroidered

Class NE64 Item, machine embroidered

Class NE65 Item, hand embroidered

Class NE66 Jelly roll quilt

Class NE67Jelly roll rug

Class NE68 Patchwork quilt, machine pieced and quilted



Class CC1 Table Mats other than needlework

Class CC2 Locker Hooking, any item

Class CC3 Wreath

Class CC4 Christmas Door Decoration, not a wreath

Class CC5 Any other Christmas craft (No other class)

Class CC6 Christmas tree topper

Class CC7 Christmas tree ornament

Class CC8 Homemade doll

Class CC9 Homemade cloth bears

Class CC10 Swag

Class CC11 Christmas wreath

Class CC12 Fabric Decorated Wreath

Class CC14 Doll made from kit

Class CC15 Items made from buttons

Class CC16 Stenciled cloth item

Class CC17 Homemade clothes for doll

Class CC18 Homemade cloth animal

Class CC20 Jewelry making

Class CC21 School/college craft

Class CC22 Creative bird house

Class CC23 Gourd art

Class CC24 Recycled Item

Class CC25 Flower pot art

Class CC26 Card making

Class CC27 Candlemaking Set

Class CC28 Candlemaking Individual

Class CC29 Soapmaking

Class CC30 Stained Glass art

Class CC31 Pillow Case doll

Class CC32 Christmas Stocking

Class CC33 Decoration for other holidays

Class CC34 Snowman craft

Class CC35 Item decorated with buttons

Class CC36 Topiary

Class CC37 Scrapbooking Page (1) people theme

Class CC38 Scrapbooking Page (1) animal theme

Class CC39Scrapbooking Page (1) activity theme

Class CC40Scrapbooking Page (1) any other theme

Class CC41 Wood carving, any item

Class CC42 Decorated apparel

Class CC43 Hair accessory

Class CC44 Popsicle Stick Craft

Class CC45 Appliqued Shirts

Class CC46 Shirts with iron-on design

Class CC47 Nature Craft

Class CC48 Spring Craft

Class CC49 Summer Craft

Class CC50 Fall Craft

Class CC51 Winter Craft

Class CC52 Arm Knitting Item

Class CC53 Paper craft, origami

Class CC54 Quilling

Class CC55 Finger Crochet item

Class CC56 Diamond Art

Class CC57 String Art

Class CC58 Any other craft, not listed


a. Bring food on heavy paper plates sealed in a zip-lock plastic bag.  Firmly attach entry  tag to bag.

b. Bring the number of pieces or size indicated.


Class CU1Yeast bread (½ loaf)

Class CU2Yeast Rolls (4)

Class CU3 Biscuits (4)

Class CU4 Sugar Cookies (4)

Class CU5 Corn Muffins or Sticks (4)

Class CU6 Pound Cake (1/4)

Class CU7 Angel Food Cake (1/4)

Class CU8 Bundt Cake, un-iced (1/4)

Class CU9 Decorated Cake (whole)

Class CU11Red Velvet Cake (1/4)

Class CU12Your favorite cake (1/4)

Class CU13 Chocolate brownies (4)

Class CU14 Chocolate fudge (4)

Class CU15 Peanut butter fudge (4)

Class CU16 Your favorite cookies  (4)

Class CU17 Your favorite candy (4)

Class CU18 Plate of molded candy (4)

Class CU20 Banana Nut bread (½ loaf)

Class CU21 Any other fruit bread (½ loaf)

Class CU22 Bread using honey (½ loaf)

Class CU23 Sourdough bread (½ loaf)

Class CU24 Coffee cake (1/4)

Class CU25 Specialty bread no other class (1/2 loaf)

Class CU26 Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)

Class CU27Oatmeal Cookies (4)

Class CU28 No-bake cookies (4)

Class CU29 Peanut butter cookies (4)

Class CU30 Other bar cookies (4)

Class CU31 Cinnamon Rolls (4)

Class CU32 Decorated cupcakes (4)

Class CU33 Cream Pie (whole pie)

Class CU34 Other Pie (1/2 pie)

Class CU35 Charcuterie Board max. 12”x14”



a. All foods must have been preserved since the previous year’s fair.

b. Clean, standard jars and two-piece lids must be used.

c. All canned goods must be processed, non-acid in pressure cooker; fruits, tomatoes, preserves, jams and jellies and pickles in hot water bath.

d. To determine winners-jellies, jams, preserves and pickles may be opened by the judges.


Fruits & Vegetables

Class FP1 Applesauce

Class FP2 Tomatoes

Class FP3 Tomato Juice

Class FP4 Green Beans

Class FP5 Hot Peppers

Class FP6 Peaches

Class FP7 Dried Apples

Class FP8 Pears

Class FP9 Blueberries

Class FP10 Other Beans

Class FP11 Dried Beans

Class FP 12 Any fruit not listed

Class FP13 Any vegetable not listed, list name on tag


Pickles & Relishes

Class FP14 Bread & Butter Pickles

Class FP15 Dill Pickles

Class FP16 Pepper Relish

Class FP17 Corn Relish

Class FP18 Zucchini Pickles

Class FP19 Salsa

Class FP20 Pickled Peppers

Class FP21 Chow Chow

Class FP22 Pickled Okra

Class FP23 14-day pickles

Class FP24 Tomato Catsup

Class FP25 Beet Pickles

Class FP26 Any other pickle or Relish, list name on tag


Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Class FP27 Blackberry Jelly

Class FP28 Blackberry Jam

Class FP29 Grape Jelly

Class FP30 Apple Jelly

Class FP31 Strawberry Preserves

Class FP32 Strawberry Jely

Class FP33 Peach Preserves

Class FP34 Apple Butter

Class FP35 Pear Preserves

Class FP36 Conserves, any kind

Class FP37 Any other jelly, jam or preserves, or butters

Class FP38 Any other food, not listed, list name on tag


Class CL1 Casserole Carrier

Class CL2 Tank top or t-shirt

Class CL3Dress

Class CL4 Recycled item 

Class CL5 Apron

Class CL6 Patriotic clothing

Class CL7 Baby clothing

Class CL8 Accessory

Class CL9 Tote/bag/purse

Class CL10 Any other sewing



Chairman- Phyllis Patterson 

Committee- Judy Oaks, Marie Clarkson, and Jimmy Lou Abney


All entries must have been done by exhibitor and not have received a ribbon at a previous fair.



Class YA1 Crayon Work

Class YA2 Pencil Drawing

Class YA3 Marker Drawing

Class YA4Sculpture

Class YA5 Mixed Media

Class YA6 Cartooning

Class YA7 Color Pencil Drawing

Class YA8 Water Color Painting

Class YA9 Acrylic Painting

Class YA10Charcoal 

Class YA11 Oil painting

Class YA12 Ceramics

Class YA13 Chalk Art

Class YA14 Tie-Dyed Item



Class YA15 Water Color

Class YA16 Acrylic Painting

Class YA17 Oil Painting

Class YA18 Charcoal 

Class YA19 Mixed Media

Class YA20 Cartooning

Class YA21 Sculpture

Class YA22 Color Pencils

Class YA23 Crayon Work

Class YA24 Pencil Drawing

Class YA25 Marker Drawing

Class YA26 Pen and Ink

Class YA27 Ceramics

Class YA28 Chalk Art

Class YA29 Tie-Dyed item



Class AA1 Water Color

Class AA2 Acrylic Painting

Class AA3 Pastels

Class AA4 Charcoal or etching

Class AA5 Oil Painting

Class AA6 Pen/Pencil Drawing

Class AA7 Folk Art Painting/Acrylic

Class AA8 Mixed Media

Class AA9 Watercolor Pencils

Class AA10 Chalk Art

Class AA11 Pen & Ink with oil roughing

Class AA12 Pen and Ink

Class AA13 Crayon Work



All pictures must be 3X5 or larger and mounted or framed.  Pictures must be taken by exhibitor.


Black & White

Class PH1 Still Life (inanimate object)

Class PH2 Nature Scene

Class PH3 Picture of Special Event

Class PH4 Recent photograph of historical objects/sites

Class PH5 Pictures of animals

Class PH6 Portrait likeness of a person’s head, shoulders, or full figure

Class PH7 Action picture

Class PH8 Other picture

Class PH9 Collage


Color Prints

Class PH10 Portrait likeness of a persons head, shoulders, or full figure

Class P11 Still Life (inanimate object)

Class PH12 Nature Scene

Class PH13 Picture of Special Event

Class PH14 Recent photograph of historical objects/sites

Class PH15 Pictures of animals

Class PH16 Action picture

Class PH17 Other picture

Class PH 18 Collage



Class CA1 Hand-painted glazed piece

Class CA2 Bisque piece, painted

Class CA3 Bisque, dry brushed

Class CA4 Thanksgiving item

Class CA5 Christmas item

Class CA6 Easter item

Class CA7 Halloween item

Class CA8 Patriotic item

Honey Division

Class HO1 Frame of honey, any color, any size,  wired  or unwired

Class HO2 One 1 Lb. container of  white extracted honey

Class HO3 One 1 Lb. container of  light amber or extra  light amber extracted honey

Class HO4 One 1 Lb. containerof amber or dark amber  extracted honey

Class HO5 One wide mouth quart jar of  chunk honey, any color

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