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Garden Open Division 

Chairperson: Renate Mason

Committee: Nancy King, Kanesha Miller, Kasey Padgett, Jill Smith, Michelle Hixson and Gracie Padgett


Bring exhibits on paper plates in a sealable plastic bag. Firmly attach entry tag to bag. Any variety of vegetables or fruit will be acceptable. 

The awards for this class are: 


Class GVE1Vegetable Exhibit. 6 or more vegetables will constitute an entry, however, the more variety, plus quality, the better. 

The awards in each of the following classes are:

1st: $3.00      2nd: $2.00       3rd: $1.00. 

Class GA1  Red tomatoes (3)

Class GA2 Yellow  tomatoes (3)

Class GA3 Green Tomatoes (3)

Class GA4 Other Tomatoes (3)

Class GA5 Bell Peppers (3)

Class GA6 Banana Peppers (3)

Class GA7 Red Potatoes, unwashed (3)

Class GA8 White Potatoes, unwashed (3)

Class GA9 Onions, white, unwashed (3)

Class GA10 Onions, yellow, \unwashed (3)

Class GA11 Onions, purple, unwashed(3)

Class GA12 Onions, green, unwashed(3)

Class GA13 Bush Beans (plate of 3)

Class GA14 Pole Beans (plate of 3)

Class GA15. Heirloom tomatoes (3)

Class GA16 Garden Corn (3 ears in husk)

Class GA17 Carrots (plate of 3)

Class GA18 Cucumbers for slicing (3)

Class GA19 Cucumbers for pickling (3)

Class GA20 Beets, topped (3)

Class GA21 Eggplant, purple (1 specimen)

Class GA22 Eggplant, white (1 specimen)

Class GA23 Cherry tomatoes (3)

Class GA25 Zucchini Squash (3)

Class GA 26 Yellow summer squash (3)

Class GA27 Any other squash

Class GA28 Any gourd, green (1)

Class GA29 Any gourd, dried (1)

Class GA31 Biggest cabbage head

Class GA31A Cabbage head

Class GA32 Peas (plate of 3)

Class GA33 Garlic (3 heads)

Class GA34 Any other vegetable (not listed above)




Class FR 1 Red Delicious Apples (3)

Class FR2 Golden Delicious Apples (3)

Class FR3 Grimes Golden Apples (3)

Class FR4 Jonathon or Red Jonathon Apples  (3)

Class FR5 Granny Smith Apples (3)

Class FR6 Any other summer variety apple, not listed (3)

Class FR7 Pears (3)

Class FR8 Grapes (1 bunch)

Class FR9 June Apples (3)

Class FR 10 Blueberries (6)

Class FR11 Plums (3)

Class FR12 Peaches (3)

Class FR13 Blackberries (3)

Class FR14 Cantaloupe (1)

Class FR15 Watermelon (1)

Class FR16 Any other fruit (3)




Ten pounds will constitute any entry. Hay must be baled.

Class FC1 Cured clover and grass



Entry must be in a box. 

Class FC2 Ten ears of yellow corn

Class FC3 Single yellow ear

Class FC4 Single Indian corn ear

Class FC5 Single white ear

Class FC6 Indian corn (3 ears in husk)

Class FC7 Corn Meal



Class FC8 Alfalfa and grass (1 quart)

Class FC9 Alfalfa silage (1 quart)

Class FC10 Small grain (1 quart)

Class FC11 Corn silage (1 quart)


Total Premiums Offered $140

Maximum $10 for blue ribbon


FFA381 Best 8 ears yellow corn

FFA386 Wheat 1 gallon

FFA388 Alfalfa Hay

FFA389 Legume/grass Mix Hay

FFA390 Alfalfa/grass Mix Hay

FFA396 Chapter Ag Mechanics

FFA400A Artificial Flower Arrangement

FFA400C Live Flower Arrangement

FFA400D Wreath Arrangement

FFA400E Christmas Tree Arrangement

FFA400F Door Hanger

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