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4-H Arts Division

**All seniors must complete an artist statement. See county rules packet for additional information. **


SECTION A: Portfolio Pathways



727a. Junior Acrylic: (pg.12) Using acrylic paint to create a painting. 

727b. Senior Acrylic: (pg.12) same as Junior. 

728a. Junior Watercolor: (pg.14) Using watercolors and a variety of techniques to complete a painting on watercolor paper. 

728b. Senior Watercolor: (pg. 14) same as Junior. 

729a. Junior Abstract: (pg.18) Using acrylic paints experiment with abstract designs to complete a painting. 

729b. Senior Abstract: (pg. 18) same as Junior 

730a. Junior Sand Painting: (pg.20) On an 8”x10” x1/4” sanded plywood or particle board. Explore painting with colored sand mixed with glue. 

730b. Senior Sand Painting: (pg.20) same as Junior. 

731a. Junior Self Portrait: (pg.22) Using a medium of your choice. Complete a self-portrait using any drawing or painting technique. 

731b. Senior Self Portrait: (pg. 22) same as Junior. 

732a. Junior Human Action: (pg.24) Using acrylic or watercolor paints, capture human action through the use of vivid colors, lines, and texture when painting. 

732b. Senior Human Action: (pg.24) same as Junior. 

733a. Junior Oil Painting: (pg.26) Using oils on canvas or canvas board. Experiment with different techniques of laying oil to canvas to create a finished painting. 

733b. Senior Oil Painting: (pg.26) same as Junior. 

734a. Junior Oil Pastel: Using oil pastels on canvas or canvas board, create a finished work of art.

734b. Senior Oil Pastel: same as Junior. 



735a. Junior Intaglio Collagraph Print: (pg.38) On 8.5” x 11” paper. Create a collagraph block at least 6” wide and create any color print using intaglio printing method. 

735b. Senior Intaglio Collagraph print: same as Junior. 

736a. Junior Blueprint Paper Print: (pg.40) On blueprint paper create a sun print; at least 5.5 x 8.5 in. using cyanotype or Light or sun sensitive paper. 

736b. Senior Blueprint Paper Print: same as Junior. 

737a. Junior Etched Plexiglas: (pg. 42) Create an original print using an etched Plexiglas plate. The print should be at least 5.5”x 8.5” in. Plexiglas etching uses the intaglio method of printing. 

737b. Senior Etched Plexiglas: same as Junior. 

738a. Junior Wax Resist Print: (pg.44) Create intricate designs for printing using a wax resist method. 

738b. Senior Wax Resist Print: same as Junior. 

739a. Junior Tire Stamp Print: (pg.46) Cut pieces of inner tube tire, glue it onto a wood block, and print using a stamp pad. 

739b. Senior Tire Stamp Print: same as Junior. 

740a. Junior Linoleum Print: (pg.48) Create linoleum print using linoleum block on paper. 

740b. Senior Linoleum Print: same as Junior 

741a. Junior Hand Drawn Negative Photograph: (pg.51) You will draw a negative on frosted acetate, then print onto photographic paper (8”x10” in.) as a positive, using a photographic process. 

741b. Senior Hand Drawn Negative Photograph: same as Junior. 


Graphic Design 

743a. Junior 5 Color Design: (pg.62-63) Create (2) two 8”x 10”in. landscapes. 5 color designs are identical except for (1) one color. Change (1) one color to create a second design. Use paint, paper or computer graphics program. Mount on a matt board. 

743b. Senior 5 Color Design: same as Junior 

744a. Junior Computer Drawing: (pg.70) Explore the use of computer tools and techniques to doodle, draw and replicate images. Print out each design showing the use of various tools. 

744b. Senior Computer Drawing: same as Junior.


Section B: Sketchbook Crossroads 


745a. Junior Black Pencil Drawing: (pg.12) Draw using a black pencil. 

745b. Senior Black Pencil Drawing: same as Junior 

746a. Junior Two-Point Perspective: (pg. 16) On sketch paper, draw a two-point perspective that has a point at each end of a horizontal segment. 

746b. Senior Two Point Perspective: same as Junior. 

747a. Junior Circular Shape Object: (pg.18) Draw a subject to fit a circular shape. 

747b. Senior Circular Shape Object: same as Junior. 

748a. Junior Colored Pencil: (pg.20) Draw with colored or black pencils. 

748b. Senior Colored Pencil: same as Junior. 

749a. Junior Pen and Ink: (pg.22) Sketch animals or other objects using pen and ink. 

749b. Senior Pen and Ink: same as Junior 

750a. Junior Hand Lettering: (pg. 24) On 8.5 by 11 paper, rewrite a quote, poem or pledge using Calligraphy. Make sure to include the author on the piece. 

750b. Senior Hand Lettering: Same as Junior 

751a. Junior Cartooning: (pg.27) Cartooning is a simple process of making line drawings show sequential motion. Create your own cartoon character showing motion. Must create at least three blocks. 

751b. Senior Cartooning: same as Junior. 


Fiber Arts 

752a. Junior Felted Wool Applique: (pg. 31) Felt wool to create a design. Applique design to a felted wool item. 

752b. Senior Felted Wool Applique: same as Junior. 

753a. Junior Cotton Linter Bowl: (pg. 34) Experiment with cotton linter using molds and shaping the linter to form bowls. Enhance the cotton with colored pencils, threads, floss, dried flowers to make a unique creation. 

753b. Senior Cotton Linter Bowl: same as Junior. 

754a. Junior Batik Fabric: (pg.37) Using natural fiber fabric. Create a unique fiber artwork using dyes and the wax resist method. 

754b. Senior Batik Fabric: same as Junior. 

755a. Junior Lap Loom Woven Item: (pg.40) Set up a lap Loom. Using several colors or types of yarn create a woven item of your choice. 

755b. Senior Lap Loom Woven Item: same as Junior 

756a. Junior Inkle Loom Basket: (pg.44) Weave 4-6 stripes that are identical. Sculpt a basket out of several woven strips by stitching them together in a spiral. Manipulate the strips to form the bottom of the basket. 

756b. Senior Inkle Loom Basket: same as Junior. 



757a. Junior Clay: (pg.55) Create an item from clay either self-hardening or firing required. 

757b. Senior Clay: same as Junior. 

758a. Junior Clay Bust: (pg.57) Sculpt a head with facial features out of clay. 

758b. Senior Clay Bust: same as Junior 

759a. Junior Mask: (pg.61) Create a mask using clay emphasizing unique form and texture to portray feelings. 

759b. Senior Mask: same as Junior. 

760a. Junior Cardboard Sculpture: (pg.65) Create a piece of textured relief sculpture using corrugated cardboard stacked and glued together. Sculpt with an Exacto® knife. 

760b. Senior Cardboard Sculpture: same as Junior. 

761a. Junior Wire Sculpture: (pg.67) Using wire and other materials (nylon cloth, beads, etc) to create a freestanding sculpture. 

761b. Senior Wire Sculpture: same as Junior. 

762a. Junior Plaster of Paris Carving: (pg.69) Using a plaster of Paris block, carve a form. 

762b. Senior Plaster of Paris Carving: same as Junior. 


Section C: Art Trends and Traditions 

763a. Junior Art Trends – Mixed Media Canvas. Mixed media is defined employing more than one medium. 

763b. Senior Art Trends—Mixed Media Canvas; same as above 

763c. Junior Basket Making – natural materials, any size, shape, or design. Non-natural materials may be woven into the design

763d. Senior Basket Making – same as junior

763e. Junior Jewelry – One piece of jewelry created by youth (Jewelry quality only). No kits or pony beads allowed. Glass, clay or wooden beads (painted or carved) permitted only.

763f. Senior Jewelry – One set (at least two items) of jewelry created by youth (Jewelry quality only). No kits or pony beads allowed. No elastic material used to string beads. Glass, clay or wooden beads (painted or carved) permitted only. Examples: earring(s) and necklace or bracelet and necklace, etc.

763g. Junior Leather Craft - Item made from leather. May or may not be tooled. Kits allowed.

763h. Senior Leather Craft - same as above. No kits allowed.

Heritage Arts

Documentation for the Heritage Craft Classes is REQUIRED. 

764a Junior Heritage Arts

764b Senior Heritage Arts

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