Miss Lincoln County Fair 

Monday, June 29th at 7:00 p.m. 


  1.  The contestant must have reached her 16th birthday and cannot have reached her 22nd birthday by October 31(of pageant year). 

  2. The contestant must be single female, never married, never had a marriage annulled, and never had any children. 

  3.  Contestant must be a resident of the State of Kentucky. 

  4.  Contest must model long evening dress and swimsuit (one piece only). WILL BE GIVEN A T-SHIRT TO WEAR WITH YOUR CHOICE OF WHITE SHORTS AND SHOES FOR INTERVIEW & OPENING INTRODUCTION ON STAGE. 

  5.  A $40.00 entry fee will be charged for each contestant. Make checks payable to Lincoln County Fair. 

  6.  Entry form and entry fees must be turned in at registration by 4:00 pm Monday July 1nd, 2019. Registration will start at 3:00pm, registration closes at 4:00pm, interviews will begin at 5:00pm, & pageant will begin at 7:00pm. All will take place at the Pageant Building. 

  7.  Winner of Miss Lincoln County Fair will receive $100 cash award, award, flowers, sash, crown and pin. She will also be awarded $50.00 plus room expense to represent the Lincoln County Fair at the annual Miss Kentucky County Fair contest held in January, sponsored by the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows. 

  8.  Winners are expected to be available for participation in any events requested for there remainder of the fair. 

  9.  First runner-up will receive $60 cash award and gift. 

  10.  Second runner-up will receive $40 cash award and gift. 

  11.  Miss Lincoln County (local representative) will receive $150 cash award, $50 expenses to State Fair, award, flowers, sash, tiara, and pin. She will be selected from Lincoln County residents only. Contestant must have at least one of the following: attended at least one year at Lincoln County High School, be currently enrolled in a school with in Lincoln Co., or be registered to vote in Lincoln County by January of pageant year to be eligible to be in the Miss Lincoln County contest (not Miss Lincoln County Fair). Winner has to attend the opening day of State Fair with Little Mr. & Miss contestants in August 2019. 

For More Information Contact: 

Director Caty Curlis 859-536-4803 

             Angela Todd 859-333-8498 

Lincoln County Fair 

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