Tiny Tots 

Thursday, July 2nd • 8:00 pm 

Immediately following the Little Miss & Mister 


  1. Contestant will wear age appropriate clothes. No formal wear please. 

  2. All contestants must be a resident of Lincoln County. 

  3. Contestant must be 3 years of age, but not 5 by June 30 (of pageant year). 

  4. Contestant must be accompanied by an adult to the location of the pageant. 

  5. Each child will be interviewed separately. 

  6. All contestants must be on location by 7:45 p.m. 

  7. Deadline for entry form is Thursday morning practice July 4, 2019. 

  8. Winners will consist of one girl and one boy. 

  9. Each winner will receive a trophy, sash, and $25.00 cash award. 

  10. Each contestant will receive a trophy and fair ribbon. 

  11. An entry fee of $10.00 per contestant is required. Make checks payable to Lincoln Co. Fair. Contestants are required to attend 8:30 am practice Thursday morning at the pageant building. 


For More Information Contact 

Director: Caty Curlis 859-536-4803 

Chairman: Dana Moore at 859-539-2502 

Lincoln County Fair 

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