Lincoln County Fair Goat Show 

Thursday, July 5 Showtime 7:00 p.m. 

Registration begins at 5:00; Weigh-In 5:30 – 6:15 p.m. 

Novice Showmanship 

Class A- Youth under 6 years of age

Class B- Youth 6 to under 9 years of age. 

Awards- All exhibitors will receive a rosette; No premiums. 


Youth Showmanship- For youth enrolled in 4H or FFA programs in any Kentucky county. No entry fee. 

Ages are as of January 1 of the current year 

Class 1- Youth 9-12 years of age   Class 2- Youth 13-15 years of age; 

Class 3- Youth 16-21 years of age   Class 4- Supreme Showmanship- 

1st place winner of youth division competing for overall winner 



$10 for winner of each showmanship class

$7 2nd place; 

$3 each for rest of class.

$25- Supreme 


Youth Market Goat 

  • All goats must be KUIP tagged 

  • All goats must weigh a minimum of 35 pounds at time of show to be eligible for exhibition 

  • You may enter market wether or market does. No bucks eligible. 

  • Horns are optional but must be tipped- horn squared off to ½ inch diameter or larger. 

  • Goats will be weighed and broke into classes prior to show time.

  • Show management will try to limit to no more than 15 in a class. Weigh in should be done by 6:15 p.m. 



Youth Grand: $35     Reserve: $20 

1st- $15     2nd-$10      3rd through 6th- $7      7th and below $5 

Premiums for Lincoln County Youth Market Goats 

*Each Lincoln County youth animal will receive an additional $5 in premium money. 


Open Dairy Goat Breeding Show 

Awards- Grand Champion $25     Reserve Grand Champion $10     Class Winners- $15, $10, $5, $5 


Division A- Toggenburg, Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf; Division B- Sable, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen 


Open Dairy Goat Show (Same classes for both divisions) 

Class DG 1- Doe Kid: 0-4 months of age; Class DG 2- Doe Kid: 4-8 months of age; 

Class DG 3-Doe Kid 8-12 months of age; Class DG 4- Yearling Doe (never freshened): 12-24 month of age; 

Class DG 5- Champion & Reserve Champion Junior Doe; Class DG 6- Senior Doe in Milk: Under 24 months; 

Class DG 7- Senior Doe: over 2 years and under 3 years of age; Class DG 8- Senior Doe: over 3 years and under 5 years of age; ClassDG 9- Senior Doe: over 5 years of age; Class DG 10- Champion & Reserve Champion Senior Doe 

Best of Show- Junior Dairy Doe Best of Show- Senior Dairy Doe 


Open Wether Dam Meat Goat Show 

Doe’s that have exhibited in the market goat show are not eligible to show in this wether dam division. All animals will be shown in classes by weight. Classes will be broken into weight by divisions. Animals do not have to be registered but must be meat type. All goats must weigh at least 40 pounds. 

Class Awards: $12, $10, $5, $5 Grand $25 Reserve $15 


For more information:

Merle Miracle at 606-669-0328

Nick Whobrey at 859-983-1639 

Lincoln County Fair 

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