***All classes with ONE photograph must be mounted on white 10”x 16” mat board. All classes with more than one

photograph must be mounted on white 16” x 20” mat board. 


ALL Photos (except horticulture classes) must include a description. The description must be typed, on white paper, and placed directly below the photograph it is identifying. Descriptions must include:




*Equipment Used (Specific Camera, cell phone, or DSLR); If using Point and Shoot or DSLR camera, please list specific Lens, Tripod, Trigger Release, Lighting, etc…)

*Skill Applied from 4-H Photography Curriculum [specific page from curricula guide should be listed]



764a    Forest: Photograph showing Forest (large area dominated by trees) and/or Forestry Activities

764b    Water: Photograph showing still or moving natural water system or water activity

764c    Wildlife: Photograph showing unrestrained and live wildlife in natural habitat; Domestic animals are not permitted

764d    Natural Scenic: Photograph showing natural scene [manmade object not as subject of photograph

764e    Native Plants: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) of Kentucky Native Flora in natural area [not garden] - a plant that occurs naturally in the place where it evolved.

764f    Insect: Photograph of insect(s) unrestrained and live in natural habitat



765a     Livestock: Photograph uses livestock as the main subject.

765b    Crops: Photograph uses crops as main focus.

765c    Life Cycle: 1-5 photograph(s) clearly showing life-cycle as part of the story, crops or livestock.

765d    Agriculture Scenic: Landscape photograph with agriculture as the main focus.

765e    Farm Equipment/Implement:  Photograph with agriculture equipment/implement as main subject.

765f    Modern or Historic Practices: 1-5 photograph(s) showing a singular, comparison, or advancement in an agriculture practice.



766a     Formal/Candid Portrait: Photograph that shows a person as the main subject. [Not a snapshot but a carefully arranged pose under effective lighting conditions and a candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance.]

766b     Urban Scenic: Landscape Photograph showing an Urban setting as the main subject.

766c    Event: 1-5 Photograph(s) that are focused on a community event.

766d    Service: Photograph that displays service learning (community service) as the main subject.

766e    4-H Event: 1-5 Photograph(s) that cover a 4-H event you attended.

766f    National/International: 1-5 Photograph(s) that focus on a National or International experience.



767a    Family: Portrait or Candid Photograph of family members or event

767b    Food Preparation: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) showing meal or single food item preparation

767c    Culture: Photograph showing unique perspective of local or global culture

767d    Fashion Portrait: Portrait Photograph with modeled fashion as the primary subject

767e    Patterns/Design: Photograph Showing Natural or Manmade Pattern / Design

767f    Residential: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) showing residence or residential area from inside and outside.



768a    Mechanics: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) showing the applied concept of force and energy.

768b    Architecture: Photograph showing the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures.

768c    Energy: Showing the creation or expulsion of energy

768d    Movement: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) of object showing movement [manmade]

768e    Construction: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) showing the steps of construction for any built structure

768f    Machinery/Equipment – Photograph showing machinery or equipment used in construction, engineering, or repair.



769a    Physical Activity: Photograph that shows physical activity as the main subject.

769b    Competitive Sports: Photograph that shows a sport as the main subject.

769c    Healthy Lifestyle: Photograph that expresses healthy lifestyles as the main subject.

769d    Healthy Foods: 1-5 Photographs focused on healthy food or meal choices.

769e    Careers in Health: 1-5 Photographs that focus on Careers in the health and service fields as the main focus (ex. Fire, law, medicine, emergency, education).

769f    Dealing with Stress: Photograph that illustrates a hobby or interest that helps an individual reduce stress.



770a    Music: Photograph showing music (written or performed)

770b    Instrument/Art Utensils: Still life photograph using musical instruments or art equipment as primary subject

770c    Cultural Arts Event: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) showing attended cultural arts event (Art Show, Musical Performance, etc.)

770d    Arts Creation: 1 – 5 Photograph(s) with the design, construction, and/or creation of art as the primary subject

770e    Created Art in Your Community: 1 – 5 Photographs showing local art in your county.

770f    Word(s): Single word spelled out using built or natural environment or words within the community with personal significance or meaning.



771     Single black and white. Horticultural subject or activity. (Maximum size: 8” x 12”) 

772     Single color. Horticultural subject or activity. (Maximum size: 8” x 12”) 

773     Sequence of 4 photographs. B&W or Color representing a horticultural event or activity that tells a visual story, chronologically, without the use of words. 

774    Horticulture collection (B&W or color), consisting of 6 photographs.