4-H Arts Division

**All seniors must complete an artist statement. See county rules packet for additional information. **


SECTION A: Portfolio Pathways



727a.    Junior Acrylic: (pg.12) Using acrylic paint to create a painting. 

727b.     Senior Acrylic: (pg.12) same as Junior. 

728a.     Junior Water Color: (pg.14) Using watercolors and a variety of techniques to complete a painting on watercolor paper. 

728b.     Senior Water Color: (pg. 14) same as Junior. 

729a.     Junior Abstract: (pg.18) Using acrylic paints experiment with abstract designs to complete a painting. 

729b.     Senior Abstract: (pg. 18) same as Junior 

730a.    Junior Sand Painting: (pg.20) On an 8”x10” x1/4” sanded plywood or particle board. Explore painting with colored sand mixed with glue. 

730b.     Senior Sand Painting: (pg.20) same as Junior. 

731a.     Junior Self Portrait: (pg.22) Using a medium of your choice. Complete a self-portrait using any drawing or painting technique. 

731b.     Senior Self Portrait: (pg. 22) same as Junior. 

732a.     Junior Human Action: (pg.24) Using acrylic or watercolor paints, capture human action through the use of vivid colors, lines, and texture

when painting. 

732b.    Senior Human Action: (pg.24) same as Junior. 

733a.    Junior Oil Painting: (pg.26) Using oils on canvas or canvas board. Experiment with different techniques of laying oil to canvas to create a finished painting. 

733b.    Senior Oil Painting: (pg.26) same as Junior. 

734a.    Junior Oil Pastel: Using oil pastels on canvas or canvas board, create a finished work of art.

734b.    Senior Oil Pastel: same as Junior. 



735a.    Junior Intaglio Collagraph Print: (pg.38) On 8.5” x 11” paper. Create a collagraph block at least 6” wide and create any color print using intaglio printing method. 

735b.    Senior Intaglio Collagraph print: same as Junior. 

736a.    Junior Blueprint Paper Print: (pg.40) On blueprint paper create a sun print; at least 5.5 x 8.5 in. using cyanotype or Light or sun sensitive paper. 

736b.    Senior Blueprint Paper Print: same as Junior. 

737a.    Junior Etched Plexiglas: (pg. 42) Create an original print using an etched Plexiglas plate. The print should be at least 5.5”x 8.5” in. Plexiglas etching uses the intaglio method of printing. 

737b.    Senior Etched Plexiglas: same as Junior. 

738a.    Junior Wax Resist Print: (pg.44) Create intricate designs for printing using a wax resist method. 

738b.     Senior Wax Resist Print: same as Junior. 

739a.     Junior Tire Stamp Print: (pg.46) Cut pieces of inner tube tire, glue it onto a wood block, and print using a stamp pad. 

739b.    Senior Tire Stamp Print: same as Junior. 

740a.    Junior Linoleum Print: (pg.48) Create linoleum print using linoleum block on paper. 

740b.    Senior Linoleum Print: same as Junior 

741a.    Junior Hand Drawn Negative Photograph: (pg.51) You will draw a negative on frosted acetate, then print onto photographic paper (8”x10” in.) as a positive, using a photographic process. 

741b.    Senior Hand Drawn Negative Photograph: same as Junior. 


Graphic Design 

743a.     Junior 5 Color Design: (pg.62-63) Create (2) two 8”x 10”in. landscapes. 5 color designs are identical except for (1) one color. Change (1) one color to create a second design. Use paint, paper or computer graphics program. Mount on a matt board. 

743b.    Senior 5 Color Design: same as Junior 

744a.    Junior Computer Drawing: (pg.70) Explore the use of computer tools and techniques to doodle, draw and replicate images. Print out each design showing the use of various tools. 

744b.    Senior Computer Drawing: same as Junior.


SECTION B: Sketchbook Crossroads 


745a.    Junior Contour Drawing: (pg.12) Draw objects using the contour drawing method. 

745b.    Senior Contour Drawing: same as Junior 

746a.     Junior Two Point Perspective: (pg. 16) On sketch paper, draw a two point perspective that has a point at each end of a horizontal segment. 

746b.     Senior Two Point Perspective: same as Junior. 

747a.     Junior Circular Shape Object: (pg.18) Draw a subject to fit a circular shape. 

747b.     Senior Circular Shape Object: same as Junior. 

748a.     Junior Color or Black Pencil: (pg.20) Draw with colored or black pencils. 

748b.     Senior Color Pencil: same as Junior. 

749a.     Junior Pen and Ink: (pg.22) Sketch animals or other objects using pen and ink. 

749b.     Senior Pen and Ink: same as Junior 

750a.     Junior Calligraphy: (pg. 24) On 8.5 by 11 paper, rewrite a quote, poem or pledge using Calligraphy. Make sure to include the author on the piece. 

750b.     Senior Calligraphy: Same as Junior 

751a.     Junior Cartooning: (pg.27) Cartooning is a simple process of making line drawings show sequential motion. Create your own cartoon character showing motion. Must create at least three blocks. 

751b.     Senior Cartooning: same as Junior. 


Fiber Arts 

752a.    Junior Felted Wool Applique Mat: (pg. 31) Felt wool to create a design. Applique design to a felted wool mat. Max size of mat 18” x 24” in. Use 100% wool to felt. 

752b.     Senior Felted Wool Applique Mat: same as Junior. 

753a.    Junior Cotton Linter Bowl: (pg. 34) Experiment with cotton linter using molds and shaping the linter to form bowls. Enhance the cotton with colored pencils, threads, floss, dried flowers to make a unique creation. 

753b.     Senior Cotton Linter Bowl: same as Junior. 

754a.     Junior Batik Fabric: (pg.37) Using natural fiber fabric. Create a unique fiber artwork using dyes and the wax resist method. 

754b.     Senior Batik Fabric: same as Junior. 

755a.     Junior Lap Loom Woven Place Mat: (pg.40) Set up a lap Loom. Using several colors or types of yarn create a woven placemat. 

755b.     Senior Lap Loom Woven Place Mat: same as Junior 

756a.     Junior Inkle Loom Basket: (pg.44) Weave 4-6 stripes that are identical. Sculpt a basket out of several woven strips by stitching them                            together in a spiral. Manipulate the strips to form the bottom of the basket.